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Choosing The Right Permeable Paving Solution

Choosing The Right Permeable Paving Solution

With more tropical storms and heavy rain than ever before, the one thing you can do to keep your driveways, paths and lawns dry and secure is to install permeable paving beneath them to drain excess water away. Permeable pavers help store and distribute water more evenly through your subsoil during heavy rain, which protects the consistency of the soil beneath. If the subsoil layers collapse, the upper layers sink into those holes, and that’s what forms potholes. When laid with a geotextile such as SureTex Geotextile, permeable pavers stabilise the ground above, not only preventing potholes but also rutting from forming when driving on soft, unstable ground. With permeable pavers, you’ll be able to confidently use your paths, driveways and lawns without ruining them, even when it’s wet. 

Unsure which permeable paver design is right for your project? We’ve broken our product range into three easy-to-understand categories to help get you on your way.  

  • PebbleLock for light vehicle use and residential pebble pathways and driveways.  
  • SurePave Grass for sloped or flat grassed areas that will have public or traffic use.  
  • SurePave Gravel for heavier vehicle, commercial use such as driveways or parking areas for trucks, buses and boats. 


If you’re looking to upgrade or install new pebbled pathways, patios or driveways around your home, PebbleLock is a residential grade permeable paver that locks smaller, 8-14mm pebbles in place. It’s designed to stabilise pebbled areas with light use for walking, cycling or standard vehicle use on home driveways, making them usable in all weather conditions. Whether it’s creating accessible pathways through the garden, a dry pathway to the washing line, a sloped driveway that won’t wash away during heavy rainfall, or just resurfacing your BBQ patio, PebbleLock will give you dry, stable outdoor surfaces with an attractive pebble finish. 

SurePave for Grass 


Whether you’re parking cars on the lawn at home, stabilising a field that often gets used for markets, parking spill over or even a farm race, SurePave for Grass will give you firm, healthy grassed areas all-year-round. With commercial grade strength and durability, SurePave Grass pavers can take the weight of heavier vehicles, but they also secure grass on sloped land. SurePave Grass pavers are ideal for any manicured green areas that double as a focal point for official residences, schools, hospitals, parks, golf courses or government grounds. With SurePave permeable paving, you’ll encourage healthy root growth by stabilising the soil below and maintaining more consistent saturation levels. But most importantly, our heavy duty, 100% recyclable plastic mats will keep your grassed areas looking pristine rain or shine, no matter the use. 

SurePave for Gravel 

For pebbled or gravel areas that go beyond normal residential use, SurePave for Gravel offers an industrial grade option, designed to take the weight and punishment of public traffic or heavy vehicle use. This could involve a commercial driveway sloped to a 20% incline; large vehicle parking areas for trucks, buses, boats or caravans; farm tracks or races, or even golf course paths (because everyone thinks they’re Daniel Ricciardo in a golf cart).


SurePave takes the maintenance out of keeping a pothole and rut free commercial gravel surface. It will save you time and money down the track, but also give you the assurance that your gravelled area will continue to function as it was designed for many years to come. 


Remember, all benefits of permeable paving come with correct installation, including lining a separation geotextile between the subsoil and aggregate layers. We recommend using SureTex Geotextile. For installation guidelines, remember to watch our PebbleLock Driveway Installation video