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Garden Paths Built in a Day – with PebbleLock

Garden Paths Built in a Day – with PebbleLock

While Rome wasn’t built in a day, garden paths can with PebbleLock permeable pavers. By installing PebbleLock, you can turn your tired, old dimpled walkway into a pristine garden path. It might seem like a big job, but PebbleLock Pavers make it easy. They’re quick to install, easy to maintain, and if the ground is prepared properly, they will give long-lasting, stabilised support for pedestrians, bikes, wheelchairs and even when guests arrive in their high-heeled shoes. And because they’re permeable, water doesn’t pool; it soaks through the pebbles and back into the ground. That’s perfect for those sudden storms where your old pathway’s top layer just gets washed away.  

What ground preparation do I need before installing PebbleLock? 

Don’t just lay your pavers directly on the ground. PebbleLock pavers work best with a little bit of preparation. Once you’ve marked out your garden path, you’ll want to remove any existing vegetation and dig the pathway down about 100mm to a flat surface. That way you can line your path with SureTex geotextile, which helps separate the silty soil from new materials on top. If you don’t do this, the garden path will form potholes when the two materials mix. Compact a good layer of GAP20 and crusher dust throughout the path, then you’re all set to lay your pavers down. It couldn’t be easier, and you can always check out our installation video for a more detailed explanation. 

How do I lay the PebbleLock Pavers? 

PebbleLock pavers just rest on the layer of crusher dust and clip into place. They’re light, easy to cut, and can be laid on a low incline or slope. So, don’t let your idea of curved or banked pathways hold you back. They’re easy to line up against any edging, just make sure they’re screwed down tight, so no stones get in underneath


Ideas on connecting your outdoors:
  • Put in a pathway from your back door to your garden shed.  
  • Maybe a dry path leading to the washing line? 
  • What about just a firm place for the BBQ to sit?  
  • Finish off your raised gardens with a path around the edge? 
  • Create a grand path from your front gate to your front door 
Redesign your garden!

Whatever you’re looking to do, PebbleLock creates possibilities. Within the day, you can transform your worn out paths into an amazing garden feature, giving you all-year-round access to plants or lawned areas. Try installing PebbleLock around raised gardens. PebbleLock helps to keep tree roots healthy by gradually letting the water soak into the soil, so a great idea might be to add pathways in and around trees, especially if you’re looking for somewhere shady to sit and read a book. 

And there’s peace of mind knowing that PebbleLock will remain looking as good as the day you installed it, so for a little bit of time and effort, wouldn’t you say that’s a day well spent?


Shopping List:

Here is a list of recommended products that you’ll need for the project. Remember to use CalcuPave to work out how much of each product you’ll need. 

  • Strol SureTex Geotextile 
  • Strol 130mm high-tensile spring steel WeedMat pins
  • GAP 20 road base (compacted layer) 
  • Crusher Dust (bedding layer) 
  • Strol PebbleLock Pavers 
  • 8-14mm pebbles 
  • Edging of your choice