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How SurePave Protects and Maintains Gravel Driveways

How SurePave Protects and Maintains Gravel Driveways

Every year, extreme weather conditions cause hundreds of thousands of dollars of damage to driveways across northern Australia. Monsoon season is particularly tough on gravel and other loose chip driveways; the heavy rain washes away large amounts of gravel and the loose stones settle unevenly, creating an irregular surface that retains water. This leads to long term damage like large puddles, cracks, and potholes.

Though it can be repaired, the cost of maintenance increases every year, and many Australians have been searching for an alternative solution.

What is SurePave?

SurePave is a unique paving solution that keeps your path or driveway in place all year round. Made from interlocking panels of lightweight plastic, SurePave is filled with gravel or covered with lime chip, decorative stone, or even grass.


How does it work?

SurePave permeable paving panels are laid down then filled with gravel or stone. Because it’s porous, water drains through the panels, which hold the material in place and prevent it from being washed away during heavy rain.


What Are the Benefits of SurePave for gravel driveways?

SurePave provides stability and support for your driveway, even during monsoon season! It’s lightweight but extremely durable – it can withstand the weight of heavy vehicles like cars, campervans, and even large trucks.

SurePave prevents irregular surfacing, potholes, and other issues caused by poor drainage, and gives you peace of mind that your driveway is stable, no matter the weather.

SurePave permeable paving panels can also be used to reinforce paths and grassy areas. The unique design provides a strong base which can tolerate heavy pressure, making it ideal for temporary car parks and pedestrian areas.


Is SurePave Better than Concrete?

Concrete is another common option for driveways, but it can be expensive to install. Concrete driveways are more stable than gravel alone, but can be prone to cracks, weeds, and moss, and, let’s be honest, they rarely look good. If you want the stability of concrete with the style of gravel, SurePave has got you covered!

SurePave is an economical and eco-friendly alternative to concrete driveways. The panels are made from 100% recycled plastic, are 100% recyclable, and provide as much support as paved concrete.


How is SurePave Installed?

SurePave panels are designed for convenient installation. Simply lay the interlocking pavers down on your sub-base, and fill with gravel, pebble, or your choice of aggregate.

SurePave is so easy to install that it’s often used to improve temporary and overflow parking areas, and to support public walking tracks, farmland entrances, and emergency access roads.

It’s perfect for adding paths around your home, or for creating additional parking spaces for boat trailers or campervans. Strol offers Trade Packs of 100 SurePave panels, ideal for larger driveways and commercial applications.

The porous design of SurePave means that stormwater can easily drain away, even from grassy areas which usually become bogged down in wet weather. With SurePave, you can park on the lawn, or add extra spaces around your home without having to worry about mud, cracks, or potholes.

SurePave creates a strong and durable surface, so you can have a driveway that looks great and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to maintain!

If you want a gravel driveway that’s reliable and long-lasting, consider SurePave for Gravel, the stylish and economical alternative.