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Storm Proofing Your Property With Permeable Paving

Storm Proofing Your Property With Permeable Paving

In Australia, we’re becoming acutely aware of the sudden and often extreme changes in weather conditions. Scorching heat and heavy rainfall play havoc with our ground and soil conditions, with flash-flooding one of the major causes of degradation, often leaving commercial and residential driveways, access areas and car parks in a state of disrepair. These days, it’s essential to have access areas that can withstand the punishment of worsening weather conditions. Permeable paving offers several solutions that not only help mitigate the effects of extreme weather but stabilise and protect the grounds, plants and gardens surrounding those areas. 

What is Plastic Permeable Paving? 

Made from 100% recycled, UV protected plastic, the Strol permeable paving range offers a natural, hard surface alternative to pavers, concrete or asphalt. The strong honeycomb design both reinforces grassed, pebbled or gravelled access areas and evenly disperses excess water into the surrounding soil by allowing water to pass through. This combination of reinforcement and permeability prevents scouring and degradation of the paved areas and surrounding gardens or planted areas, which can happen with hard surfaces like concrete or asphalt where excess water simply runs right off the surface and scours any unprotected earth away. surepave-gravel-drivewayDuring less extreme conditions, permeable paving also prevents potholes, rutting and pooling from forming on the paving surface. By installing permeable pavers using an underlying layer of geotextile such as Strol SureTex Geotextile between the subsoil and aggregate layers. The geotextile will prevent those upper layers from migrating into the soil. The permeable pavers remain flat and stable, water drains evenly through the aggregate and geotextile into the soil below, and you won’t be left with undulating puddled surfaces. 

Advantages of Plastic Permeable Paving 

The honeycomb design locks pebbles, gravel and grass roots in place. This means that during excessive rain or flooding, permeable paving stops pebbles, gravel and grass from being washed away. Permeable pavers will also protect the soil below the surface, preventing scouring and complete degradation of driveways and carparks.

Plastic permeable paving is an affordable option compared to traditional paving methods, making it accessible to homeowners and business owners alike. There are little to no maintenance costs, as pebbles can simply be raked back into place, and grassed areas don’t need to be refilled and regrassed, so it can last for many years without needing repairs or replacements. If, for any reason, there is a major subsoil failure that affects the surface, permeable pavers can simply be lifted out, allowing you to fill and repair the soil before being put back in. This means no digging up concrete or asphalt.

The pavers are UV treated, so they won’t degrade in the sun. This allows for the pavers to be highly durable. With different grades available, they can withstand heavy vehicle traffic, making permeable pavers an ideal option for commercial properties. surepave-campervan-park-1

Environmentally Friendly
Plastic permeable paving is made from 100% recycled plastic. By capturing and evenly dispersing rainwater, permeable pavers will help protect and nurture surrounding garden areas. By slowing excess water flow and preventing scouring and soil degradation, permeable paving will help prevent silt build-up within on-site and council stormwater systems.

Easy to Install
Installing plastic permeable paving does not require any specialised tools or equipment. If you have a unique sized area to pave, then you can easily cut the pavers to any shape. The pavers simply clip together once laid on the ground. pebblelock-for-pebblesDepending on the usage, simply dig out the area you wish to pave, line it with geotextile, fill with a layer of drainage aggregate and crusher dust, then simply place the pavers on top and cover with pebbles, gravel or grass. Watch our PebbleLock installation guide for tips and techniques.

Aesthetically Pleasing
Used with pebbles, gravel or grass, plastic permeable paving makes it easy to match the aesthetic of any property. It offers a natural, hardsurface solution when looking for alternatives to concrete or asphalt.

Increased Property Value
Future proof your property’s value by installing low maintenance, storm-resistant driveways, car parks and access ways. This will greatly reduce ongoing maintenance costs.storm proof permeable path

Improved Drainage
Plastic permeable paving collects and evenly drains excess water, putting less stress on your property’s drainage and local stormwater systems. It allows water to seep naturally back into the surrounding soil, meaning less silt build up in areas where excess water would normally scour soil away and wash into drains and stormwater systems. 

Permeable Paving – it’s the natural choice

With ongoing extreme weather conditions hampering our country, the Strol permeable paving range offers some ideal solutions for protecting our land in a sustainable way. Permeable pavers offer all the benefits of a hard surface like concrete or asphalt, but the beautiful results blend into our natural surroundings. By having a grass or pebbled look, there’s a greater sense of well-being when you’re surrounded by an aesthetically pleasing, natural design, but most importantly, permeable paving helps protect the environment by mitigating the damage done by extreme weather and flooding, helping to keep your access areas usable and intact all-year-round.