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SurePave – An Affordable Low Maintenance and Eco Paving Alternative

SurePave – An Affordable Low Maintenance and Eco Paving Alternative

The Australian landscape is a land of temperature extremes with cold winter nights, hot summer days, and everything in between. Surfaces like concrete, pavers, gravel, and pebbles often suffer because of the weather we experience in Australia. As a result, potholes, cracks, and tripping hazards are a regular feature of driveways and pathways all over the country.

A new solution is needed. One that will stand up to the heat, survive the cold and shrug off the deluge of water dropped by the frequent summer storms. SurePave is a revolutionary paving product Australian homeowners and businesses can use to create beautiful driveways, footpaths, and parking areas that are safe from potholes, muddy puddles, and unsightly cracks.


What is SurePave?

Strol SurePave permeable paving panels are designed to reinforce grass or gravel in areas that are subject to high traffic and heavy loads. You can use SurePave wherever you need parking areas and stable walkways, but this system is also a fantastic option for golf courses, hard standing areas for boats and caravans, public paths for beach access, and stabilising sloping ground.


The robust cellular structure of SurePave distributes the weight of cars and heavy trucks evenly across the entire surface. It’s a versatile solution that is perfect for grass, pebble, and gravel surfaces because the layout of the cells also creates a permeable surface that stops water pooling and prevents potholes.

Every panel is created from recycled and recyclable plastic, so SurePave is also an eco-friendly solution that will provide reliable service for decades. Panels are lightweight, cheap to transport, simple to cut to shape, and easy to install.

5 Reasons You Should Be Using SurePave

SurePave is a fantastic surfacing solution for homeowners and organisations across Australia. Here are just a few of the reasons we highly recommend it.


Protection for landscaped areas

When you have a natural area you want to protect, SurePave permeable paving panels deliver a solution that won’t put tree roots at risk from frequent heavy loads. Unlike other driveway solutions, SurePave also helps prevent soil erosion.

The cell-like structure of SurePave panels evenly distributes the weight of heavy vehicles over the entire area and prevents the localised weight from crushing delicate tree roots. The system has a 700 tonnes per m2 load rating, so it’s no lightweight when it comes to handling heavy vehicles like trucks and fully loaded utes.

Prevents potholes

Hot days and afternoon summer storms create the perfect conditions for potholes to form in grassy areas and gravel driveways. You can fill them in, but that will only last until the next lot of potholes form.

SurePave is a permanent solution for preventing potholes and boggy areas of driveways and parking spaces. Any rain or water that falls will quickly drain away through the open cell structure of the panels which is why this system is permeable.


Stop dogs from digging

Short of concreting your entire yard, it’s almost impossible to stop some breeds of dogs from digging up your lawn. Plus, there are always those annoying low-lying areas that collect water and become a boggy mess every time there is rain.

Dogs will soon learn to stop digging when they come up against SurePave, and you can finally have that perfectly manicured lawn you’ve been dreaming about. Mud pits will also no longer be a problem because areas reinforced with SurePave will drain the excess moisture away.

It’s an Affordable Off-Street Parking Solution

Creating an off-street parking area with materials like concrete or pavers is prohibitively expensive for some small businesses. SurePave provides a much more cost-effective solution for creating an attractive parking space that won’t crack or create tripping hazards.

Homeowners will also appreciate a lawn that can double as a parking area when friends come over, without the worry that it’s going to turn into a potholed mess after they’ve gone home.

Improve water runoff

If you or your customers are annoyed continuously by puddles at your feet when getting out of your vehicle, yet you don’t want the hassle of installing an expensive and ugly concrete driveway, then SurePave can help.

You may also come up against council regulations when dealing with water run-off into the storm drain. Concrete driveways also have a habit of developing tripping hazards because of shifting ground.

Creating a safer driveway and parking space with SurePave prevents all the above issues. Plus, it’s a lot more attractive, won’t crack or stain, and is a lot more resistant to moving earth.



If you’ve been looking for an eco-friendly, versatile, and easy to use solution for your driveway or heavily trafficked grassed areas, then look no further than SurePave.

You can use it anywhere, from lawns and parking spaces to driveways and walkways. It will help keep your grassed areas looking great all year, stop pets from digging, keep walkways free of puddles, and prevent boggy, muddy areas from forming.

Use it in high traffic areas, parking heavy vehicles, or storing the caravan and family boat. Wherever you need a stable, long-lasting surface that won’t succumb to the sometimes-brutal Australian weather, SurePave can deliver.