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SurePave – The ultimate paving solution for a holiday home

SurePave – The ultimate paving solution for a holiday home

Did I say holiday home? I meant any home where you want driveways or parking areas to remain maintenance free. Imagine locking up the house and leaving for an extended period of time, knowing that at some point there’s going to be large storms and torrential rain that would normally pour off your driveway, scour up the garden, overflow the stormwater pipes and get rutted up as soon as you arrive back and park up. With SurePave, you can eradicate all those headaches with one simple-to-install solution.

Whether you’ve got a bach near the beach, or a house in the countryside, chances are you have a grassed or unpaved driveway. If you’re tired of seeing that driveway deteriorate each time it rains, SurePave will give you a natural vibe while keeping all the benefits of a hard surface, plus it will allow water to filter through, protecting your gardens and stormwater systems while you’re away. SurePave is a commercial grade permeable paver, which means it can take heavy loads like trucks, utes, caravans and boats.

SurePave – Durable, robust and easy to install

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Take this amazing property near Hobart, for example. Situated in farmland, the owners wanted to convert their old, rutted driveway into something far more durable that gave them the opportunity to park large vehicles and create turning bays without constantly digging up their driveway. It made it more appealing for people coming to visit and removed the need for constant maintenance along the way. Throughout this blog, we’re going to look at all the amazing aspects of the SurePave pavement within this gorgeous holiday home, and how a simple installation process has enhanced both their property and lifestyle.

With a long, winding driveway coming downhill through farmland from the main road, the owners of this property needed a pavement solution that could withstand heavy vehicles and remain rut free. They wanted to create something more than just a driveway. This was an entrance to their home, something that brought them serenity as soon as they, or their visitors, heard the crackle of pebbles as they turned in.

They also wanted to create a couple of large parking bays. Something heavy like a boat or a caravan will slowly press into the ground over time, so they needed a durable yet free draining surface material. Pebbles, larger stones or gravel are ideal, but to prevent them from being pushed into the soft ground, they found SurePave pavers to be the ideal solution to keeping their pavement area flat and stable.

SurePave has a robust cellular design. Its high crush capacity means that the SurePave pavers are what supports any heavy vehicles, holding the surface material in place while allowing it to act as a natural filter for water to pass through. It maintains the driveway, keeping it functioning as it should without degrading. Gravel and stones remain secure. Any that do stray can simply be brushed back into place.

SurePave – robust, stylish and kind to the environment.

Driveway Permeable Paving

Part of being on holiday is getting away from the concrete jungle. Having a beach house or country home means getting back to nature, so having a natural entrance to your property can be the first step and will make a big difference to your own state of mind. SurePave does the work of stabilising and supporting the vehicles using your driveway, so you can choose whatever natural surface material you desire to cover the pavers and create a more aesthetically pleasing home.

You could go for an industrial look with gravel, or a statelier design with smaller decorative stone. Choose a surface material that blends in with surrounding land or creates the kind of atmosphere you desire whenever you return. Your driveway is most often the first impression people get when they visit, so take the chance to impress with SurePave permeable pavers.

Because SurePave is easy to cut, they were also able to create a driveway with sweeping curves as well as being able to place the pavers around embedded areas like the rail sleepers and gardens.

The owners of this home also felt that by having such a large surface area, their driveway would also have to deal with the volume of rain falling on it during a heavy downpour. With traditional hard surfaces like concrete or asphalt, that water simply runs off unchecked, scouring, eroding or even flooding the surrounding land. It can destroy gardens and rot tree roots, as well as carry large amounts of unwanted soil and silt that clogs up streams or stormwater systems.

SurePave pavers are porous and free draining. While supporting both vehicles and the surface material, water can simply pass through and drain more evenly into the surrounding environment. SurePave is installed in conjunction with a layer of geotextile lying on top of the subsoil, with a layer of drainage aggregate and crusher dust placed between the geotextile and pavers to allow for more controlled waterflow.

This means water doesn’t rush off and scour away soil from the immediate area. It soaks back into the soil, feeding back into your garden long after the rains have stopped. Our Hobart homeowners were able to design their driveway to direct excess waterflow during extreme rain events toward drainage areas, and because soil and silt is not collected along the way, their drains will feed much cleaner water back into the local stormwater system.

SurePave – for sustainable driveways.

SurePave Driveway installation

When it comes to permeable pavement surfaces, Strol SurePave is the epitome of durability, style, and functionality. Its ability to create a natural look while superseding the benefits of a traditional hard pavement surface means it showcases the perfect blend of aesthetics and practicality for an extraordinary holiday retreat. No matter the design you have in mind, exceed expectations with a stable, flat driveway that can take the punishment of heavy vehicle use even in wet weather.

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