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The Benefits of PebbleLock

The Benefits of PebbleLock
Rental Properties and Beach Homes – The Benefits of PebbleLock for Easy Maintenance.

Having a rental property or a beach home means finding a way to make sure the grounds are regularly maintained. This can either be relying on great tenants to mow lawns, weed gardens and let you or your property manager know if any larger issues arrive, or taking time out to visit the beach house throughout the off season so you don’t arrive to a jungle when you’re meant to be relaxing.

A simple way to help you and/or your tenants is to create easy-to-maintain grounds where there are less lawns to mow, less weeds to pull, and in the rainy season, less surface water creating muddy havoc or in some cases, washing parts of the garden away. With PebbleLock Permeable Paving, you can transform your outdoor area into classically designed, functional spaces where you and your tenants can enjoy all year round, with little to no maintenance at all.

Outdoor pebble patio- pebblelock

PebbleLock is a system of honeycombed, 100% recycled plastic pavers designed to hold small, decorative pebbles in place. When laid over drainage aggregate layers and by using SureTex geotextile to separate the lower soil layer, PebbleLock creates a flat, stable, but most importantly, permeable area that you can walk on, ride bikes, even drive on, no matter the weather. The SureTex layer not only stops weeds from coming through but helps prevent rutting and potholes. Combined with the permeability of the aggregate layers, any excess water from heavy rain flows through the pavers and evenly drains away, protecting lawns, paths, patios and plants.

Here are a few simple ideas to improve your rental or beach property with PebbleLock.


  • For properties built on steep or sloped land, why not create flat, dry areas that you can use while easily managing water flow?
    • Steep banks are hard to maintain. They’re difficult to mow, and water runs off quickly, often taking soil with it, which puts pressure on local stormwater systems, not to mention your neighbours.
    • Slopes and banks often remain unused. It’s hard to put outdoor furniture there, and when it rains, walking on it tends to create dents and dips, which causes further scouring of your land.
    • By retaining manageable areas of ground, you can build up flat, stepped areas covered with PebbleLock permeable paving. That way, you can add outdoor areas for tables, chairs, even BBQs or a spa pool.
    • Drainage pipes can be added to take clean water away rather than have it pouring off your property.
    • With flat levels of decorative stone stepping down your property’s bank with stairs leading between each level, it will feel reminiscent of a Mediterranean holiday home.
    • This suits rainy or dry seasons, as the grass won’t die off or get overly saturated.
    • With SureTex, you won’t have to bother about constant weeding.
  • Create less maintenance for ‘easy care’ properties with small grounds.PebbleLock Garden Path
    • With some smaller rental properties, your tenants may have downsized for a reason, and might not have all the equipment like mowers and weed trimmers required to look after even a small lawn or garden.
    • Permeable paving is an ideal alternative. You can make your rental property a far more attractive proposition for those looking for a house that’s easy to maintain.
    • Tenants won’t have to mow, weed or maintain the pavers.
    • In damp, shaded areas where mould tends to grow, the stones can simply be sprayed and washed, so they’ll always remain clean and fresh.
    • PebbleLock is great for creating outdoor areas where older tenants or family members can enjoy the lighter side of gardening amongst the rose bushes without having to mow the lawns.
  • Avoid rotting by keeping the exterior of your property dry and clean.
    • If lawns or raised gardens that butt right up to the house are left unkept, moisture can soak into the lower extremities of your property without you knowing, slowly rotting the wood around your home.
    • An easy way to fix this problem is to create a 300mm border area of permeable paving around your property.
    • This will keep any long grass or dirt from resting against foundations, skirting or weatherboards. It will also drain water away from your home, keeping it dry and stable.
    • By not having long grass growing against your house, lawns will be simpler to mow.
  • Outdoor shower/wash down areas.
    • Whether you’ve come home from a surf or have fish to clean, having an outdoor wash area lined with PebbleLock saves bringing sand and scales into the house.
    • When washing, water will simply drain away, so you won’t be standing in pools of cold water while you shower or prepare food.
    • An outdoor shower (or even just a hose with a spray) makes such a difference when getting sand off feet, mud off the kids, or hosing off whatever the dog jumped in before everyone races inside your nice, clean home.
  • BBQ areas – creating outdoor spaces that are easy to clean.
  • Pebble Pathway to bbqEveryone loves a barbie. Where would an Aussie summer be without one? But if the rain comes before the event, it’s not fun cooking on muddy ground when the sun finally shines.
    • PebbleLock permeable pavers will give you a dry, stable area to work on as soon as the rain has gone, so you can concentrate on being the next BBQ MasterChef.
    • PebbleLock will also keep your BBQ out of the water. The pavers can take the weight, so your BBQ won’t sink into any muddy potholes.
    • Plus, any oil spills are easy to clean away. Liquids won’t stain or pool like they would on concrete.
    • NOTE: Although PebbleLock will keep your feet dry, it cannot save you from ridicule if you stand around, talking and drinking for too long while overcooking the steaks.
  • Got a great view? Build a raised patio to get the best out of your evenings.
    • With PebbleLock, it’s easy to build a raised area of flat land or extend a patio out over a bank to enjoy the view during summer evenings or enjoy a coffee in the morning sun.
    • The permeable surface makes it ideal for deck chairs, outdoor furniture, dining and coffee tables, or even a spa pool nestled amongst the trees.
    • You’ll always have clean, dry feet when shifting from your outdoor area back inside, so any area you do create will become an integral part of your overall living space.
Pebbles and PebbleLock.


Pebbles, whether on a simple pathway or a larger patio area, create a natural, relaxing atmosphere. Having a pebbled path is an inviting way for guests or tenants to enter your home. Whether it’s leading from the beach, or through the gate from the main road, a clean pebbled pathway sets the standard for the rest of your property, which is a great reminder to tenants, but also a great way to remind you that you’re on holiday from the moment you arrive. The ease of maintenance means less work for you, and with a naturally beautiful aesthetic, PebbleLock permeable pavers are a standout choice when it comes to creating an ideal home.