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PebbleLock – The Versatile Option for Permeable Paving

PebbleLock – The Versatile Option for Permeable Paving

Permeable paving not only looks great because it adds a clean, organic, and useful surface. It also ensures excellent drainage, no puddles, and protection from erosion. In cold climates, a permeable paving solution means you won’t be dealing with treacherous ice forming on the regularly trafficked areas around your home or business.

What is Permeable Paving?

Permeable paving allows water to pass through the areas between the paving material, which provides its most significant advantage. Pooling water and runoff during storms are responsible for a lot of damage around properties all over Australia.

Introducing PebbleLock

PebbleLock permeable paving is one of Strol’s permeable paving solutions, and is ideal for the often perfect, but sometimes harsh Australian weather, where surprise afternoon torrential downpours are just a part of life and the bane of Aussie barbecues.

The PebbleLock system uses a series of interlocking plastic mats that stabilise any paving pebbled surface. Such a versatile system presents a range of landscaping opportunities to protect rare and valuable plants from damage and prevent erosion on sloping ground.

Before PebbleLock, you would have to keep delicate plants away from parking areas due to heavy loads damaging the roots. PebbleLock gives you more freedom to design your landscape how you want it, without resorting to ugly concrete slabs, or more attractive, yet non-permeable paving materials.

Every PebbleLock panel is created from 100% recycled and 100% recyclable plastic. Panels interlock for stability and make installation a breeze for anybody who classifies themselves as a handy DIY type. They are light and easy to transport, which helps to keep costs down.

The PebbleLock Advantage

Applications for PebbleLock include pebble paths, gravel driveways, granite chip garden paths, and makes an excellent permeable paving solution for a parking area.

If you like the look of gravel and pebble paths but prefer relaxing on your weekends rather than raking hundreds of migratory stones back into place, then PebbleLock permeable paving is for you.

Gravel and pebble paths also have the annoying habit of forming ruts and puddles because of pressure from bike and car tyres. These irregularities need to be flattened out to prevent unsightly potholes and mud forming during wet weather. PebbleLock puts an end to your frustrations by keeping your gravel paths and pebble driveways flat and stable, and every stone in its rightful place.

Other great uses for PebbleLock permeable paving

From large installations to small, highly trafficked locations around the home, PebbleLock offers a convenient and affordable solution to making your life easier. Here are a few more creative ideas where you can use PebbleLock to add to the safety and efficiency of your home.

Garden Paths

Concrete is not the most attractive solution for a garden path. It will also create heavy runoffs during a downpour, which puts your precious plants and topsoil at risk. Pavers may be more attractive, but still have the issue of being non-permeable.

Say goodbye to cracked, misshapen, and weed prone clothesline paths with PebbleLock. Your heavily loaded laundry trolley won’t create those unsightly and muddy ruts typical of gravel paths.

Guests arriving at your home and wearing high heels will also be able to make their way to your front door without tripping or breaking their expensive shoes.

Around the Spa and Pool

Wet concrete is a slipping hazard, so it’s not a great solution for around the pool or spa area. A poolside area created from PebbleLock allows splashes from your kids’ energetic pool party to safely drain away.

Likewise, exiting from the spa or hot tub always results in small puddles. Even the largest pools of water will quickly drain away with a PebbleLock surface and keep you and your guests safe from accidental slips.

Pebbled Patios

Under normal circumstances, gravel surfaces wouldn’t be the best choice for the backyard patio paving, at least, not until PebbleLock that is. Create the outdoor area of your dreams and save a lot of money on surfacing with PebbleLock. Your patio table and chair legs will stay above ground and won’t overbalance, and your tables will always be level and stable.

Air-conditioning units which drip water continuously onto the surface underneath can become a slipping hazard, as well as provide a moist location for mould to develop. With PebbleLock, any moisture build- up quickly drains safely away.

BBQ areas will also benefit from PebbleLock. BBQs need a flat level surface for cooking, or you run the risk of compromising your chops and snags and bringing your BBQ skills into question.

BBQ wheels are prone to digging into the gravel – creating potholes, uneven cooking temperatures, and making it hard to move them around. You can avoid all of these problems with a minimal budget by choosing the PebbleLock system for your BBQ area.

Light Traffic Areas and Accessibility Options

Gravel paths can be an obstacle for manoeuvring wheelchairs and mobility scooters around the outside areas of your home. A PebbleLock permeable paving solution creates a stable surface that even the thin profile of wheelchair wheels will have no trouble navigating. Good drainage and no puddling also mean the wheelchair or scooter won’t be tracking mud inside during wet weather.


If you’ve been searching for an affordable paving solution that’s versatile, prevents slipping hazards, and is also attractive, then be sure to check out PebbleLock permeable paving. It’s an environmentally responsible solution that can add value, convenience, and safety to your home. It’s also available from your local Bunnings store, and easily transportable.

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