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Transforming an outdoor area: A day with PebbleLock and Dale Vine

Transforming an outdoor area: A day with PebbleLock and Dale Vine
The Dream Team – Strol and DVine Living 

Dale Vine - PebbleLock

To help transform a residential outdoor area previously used only for a clothesline and bin storage, Strol teamed up with popular contestant from ‘The Block’ Australia turned landscaping influencer Dale ‘DVine Living’ Vine to create a fantastic, usable patio area so the owners can enjoy the space all year round. Dale and his film crew joined us for one day of filming, showcasing just how fast and easy it is to transform an outdoor space.

By using PebbleLock, this is a great example of how permeable paving can give tired pavement and patio areas a new zest for life. And as Dale is just a bloke doing some DIY, you’ll see how easy it is to do a complete outdoor transformation with nothing but a spade, a wheelbarrow, a leveler and a rake. So, come and join ‘the dream team’ of Dale, Strol and PebbleLock for a step-by-step guide on creating a permeable paving patio in just one day.

A ‘behind the scenes’ step-by-step guide

Installing pebblelock- Strol

Like most DIY work, Dale’s looking to fix up the property of someone he knows. In this case, it’s his mother-in-law – so no pressure there! But his task is made easy by PebbleLock being so simple to install, and as he says in the film, it’s a cost effective, maintenance free way of getting that decorative stone look that so many people enjoy.

From rough design and ground prep right through to a completed look, Dale explains the process in easy-to-understand terms. You’ll get a real-world appreciation for how PebbleLock functions, as well as reasons for the different layers of ground prep. These layers combine with PebbleLock for a fully permeable solution, so it’s important to understand. Luckily for us, Dale’s down-to-earth style will help guide you through. Each step is explained, along with tips and tricks to help anyone install.

Be Inspired

PebbleLock - Dvine living install

By seeing just how simple PebbleLock is to install, and how great the finished look is, we hope you’ll be inspired to come up with ideas on how to transform your own outdoor spaces. Dale’s mother-in-law desired a beautiful space she could use for social gatherings or just relaxing on her own while enjoying fresh air and an outdoor fire. PebbleLock gave her a dry, flat surface that wouldn’t pool water, so she could spend time out there even after it had rained. This is a fantastic point, not only for patios, but for pathways connecting different areas around your home. And though Dale is used to doing landscape work, he shows that anyone can come up with a design and create that space with little to no trouble at all.

Now that you’ve read a little about it, go make yourself a cuppa, sit back, watch the full episode of DVine Living’s guide to this incredible outdoor transformation using PebbleLock, or our short video below then take a walk outside and think what you could do to transform your own home.

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