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EnviroForce Commercial WeedMat

About Product

Discover an effective solution for weed control in your large gardening projects with EnviroForce Commercial WeedMat. This UV-tested, black geotextile is designed to safeguard your garden from weeds, offering convenience and ease of use. You can effortlessly cut it to your desired size without worrying about fraying, and its flexibility allows for seamless integration around existing plants, leaving no gaps in the WeedMat.

EnviroForce Commercial WeedMat permeable properties make it ideal for both sloped and flat gardens. It allows water to drain through, ensuring the well-being of existing plants. Beyond weed control, this versatile WeedMat is also excellent for preventing erosion on exposed soil sites, supporting retaining walls, or wrapping soak pits.

Available in convenient 4m x 50m rolls, EnviroForce Commercial WeedMat is easy to lay and simple to cut. Just roll it out, ensuring any adjoining edges overlap with the top layer on the upper side of the slope. Secure it in place with 130mm WeedMat Pins for a hassle-free and effective solution.

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4m x 50m (200m2)

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EnviroForce Data Sheet

May 2022

Frequently Asked Questions

  • WeedMat for sloped or flat garden areas
  • Raised garden bed liner
  • Protecting pond liner’s
  • Stops excess water/rainfall from transporting exposed earth offsite
  • Cover stockpiles of soil
  • Line sediment retention ponds
  • Line banks and slopes to prevent saturation and erosion
  • Create clean water flow channels through your site to help direct water
  • Use WeedMat Pins every 1m along the edges.
  • Overlap adjoining edges by approximately 200mm, making sure water can flow downhill from the upper layer onto the lower layer to prevent water from seeping underneath.

Yes, we recommend covering the WeedMat with 50mm of mulch, bark or any other cover of your choosing.

This product is available at Bunnings as a Special Order Product.


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