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SureSoak Stormwater Modules

About Product

Looking for a strong, durable stormwater system that can be installed in a varity of locations around your home including under the driveway? SureSoak Stormwater Crates are the answer!

This solution replaces the need for a rock filled soak pit, eliminating all the long shopping list of expensive and heavy drainage rock. SureSoak modular crates are an easy and cost effective solution that will make creating any size or shape stormwater system a breeze. Whether you’re wanting to hold stormwater, gradually soak it away or detain water to release at a controlled rate, SureSoak can easily be configured to suit your needs.

Shipped in handy flatpacks, SureSoak modular crates simply clip and stack together. Each module contains five plates, which means they’re stronger, able to handle greater loads including cars, making them ideal for use under driveways and parking bays. They have a void ratio of 95%, which means less digging and less spoil to dispose of. SureSoak crates are lightweight and easy to handle, reducing the need for heavy machinery during installation.

Once you have established the volume you require for your site (may require engineer assistance), SureSoak is an easy stormwater system for any tradesman or DIY’er to install. For recommendations on cover requirements including aggregate and geotextile, check out our FAQ’s below.

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SureSoak Stormwater Modules - 1m3 (8 Modules)

400h x 1200w x 1200d

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SureSoak Stormwater Modules - 3m3 (24 Modules)

800h x 1200w x 1200d

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SureSoak Stormwater Modules - 5m3 (40 Modules)

1200h x 1200w x 1200d

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SureSoak Stormwater Modules - 7m3 (56 Modules)

1600h x 1200w x 1200d

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SureSoak Stormwater Modules - 10m3 (80 Modules)

2200h x 1200w x 1200d

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SureSoak Stormwater Module Installation Guide

November 2023

SureSoak Stormwater Module Datasheet

November 2023

Frequently Asked Questions

Wrap the completed SureSoak system with SureTex geotextile. This will prevent soil from migrating into your system and clogging it up. SureTex geotextile will also help protect the outer units from abrasion.

300mm of cover material is needed for non-trafficable applications.

Trafficable areas require 600mm of granular cover material with DuraGrid X geogrid installed 300mm above the system and extended 1.5m horizontally beyond the edge of the system. 

Please note, the plate configuration shall be specifically designed by the project engineer for installations with more than 2m of cover or trafficable applications with less than 600mm of cover.

This will depend on the size of the stormwater system you’re looking to put in. An engineer will guide you to work out the storage capacity for your site. When you know the cubic volume, use the following as a guide: 

  • 1m3 – 8 crates.
  • 3m3 – 24 crates.
  • 10m3 – 80 crates.

You may also need to check with your local council for any regulations.

SureSoak modules are supplied flat packed and will need to be assembled on site. Building the modules should take 2-3 minutes per module.

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Assembling SureSoak Stormwater modules is a breeze – just grab a rubber mallet. For detailed installation instructions, refer to the Installation Guide available for download. Note that the illustration specifically outlines the assembly of the 5-plate single module.


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