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About Product

PebbleLock® is a recycled plastic mat for stabilising pebbles in all landscape areas. Designed for any situation around the home where you want a cheaper, natural alternative to concrete, asphalt or pavers.

Use under pebbles, stones and granite chip on garden paths, patio areas, carparks & driveways to prevent puddles, pot holes, aggregate migration and heavy rain scour.

PebbleLock is suitable for pedestrians, bikes and cars.

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Easy Install Video

This simple and versatile system allows you to enjoy the beauty of natural stone without spending the rest of your life sweeping or raking stones back into place. Ponding is eliminated as water soaks away through the mesh structure of the PebbleLock Paver back into the ground.

pebblelock-bike-after pebblelock-bike-after
DVine Living Transformation

We teamed up with Dale ‘DVine Living’ Vine, known from ‘The Block’ Australia, to upgrade a residential outdoor space using PebbleLock. Previously this space was just used for laundry and bins, but we turned it into a great patio area for year-round enjoyment. Dale and his film crew joined us for a day to show how easy and quick the transformation can be

Dvine Living- pebble patio Dvine Living- pebble patio

Product Specs

Wanting a natural alternative to concrete, pavers, asphalt or plain gravel but also not wanting endless maintenance? PebbleLock will provide a stable driveable surface that will help return precious water to the ground.
PebbleLock pavers have a simple but effective clip mechanism that makes installation a breeze and keeps them all securely together.






840mm x 590mm x 24mm

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PebbleLock White

840mm x 590mm x 24mm

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PebbleLock is exclusive to Bunnings stores.


Permeable Paving Brochure

July 2021

PebbleLock Install Guide

July 2021

PebbleLock Data Sheet

July 2021

Frequently Asked Questions

Paths, patios, light vehicle use driveways, hot tub surrounds and garden shed floors to name a few!

PebbleLock is very easy to install by any DIY’er. Download our installation guide for full step by step instructions.

Yes, the stones or pebbles can be raked if it done lightly any time that there are leaves or the stones have been scuffed or settled a bit. An outdoor broom or a leaf blower works even better than a rake with some types of stones.

Check out our installation guidelines for details and recommendations.


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