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StrataGrid® Geogrid

About Product

StrataGrid is a high-quality geogrid manufactured from strong polyester yarns with excellent strength, to provide reliable reinforcement to soil. Its geometric grid structure ensures stability, making it the perfect fit for reinforcing retaining walls and managing steep slopes.

StrataGrid is coated with a black bituminous saturation coating. This coating provides further durability in harsh enviroments.

Installing StrataGrid is a easy, thanks to its user-friendly design. It comes in wide rolls, minimising wastage and reducing labor during installation.


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0.6m x 200m Roll (120m2)

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StrataGrid Data Sheet

September 2021

Frequently Asked Questions

A uniaxial high-strength polyester geogrid used to reinforce soil.

Reinforcing slopes, MSE wall designs, retaining walls and embankments.

  • 3.8m wide rolls – no memory so they won’t roll up.
  • The High-Strength Polyester StrataGrid has superior creep resistance.
  • Can efficiently integrate it with MSE (Mechanically stabilised earth) retaining wall designs.

StrataGrid is made from polyester which has excellent resistance to UV light and it is also coated providing further protection from environmental effects.


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