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SureSoak Drainage Cell

About Product

Whether you’re creating a picture-perfect rooftop garden, or a grassed or gravel overflow area for stadium parking and pedestrians, SureSoak Drainage Cells offer the ideal solution for horizontal, low-profile, subsurface water management. The unique diamond cup structure within these flat panels retains excess water to feed back into the soil, perfect for long, dry summers on rooftop gardens, as the perched water table provides passive irrigation for vegetation to flourish. They can either be wrapped in geotextile to simply be used to retain water, or filled with gravel or soil to create permeable yet stable ground. 

Panels are available in 30mm and 50mm thicknesses. The 30mm panels are ideal for plaza, podium or rooftop garden drainage where the surface structure may not be engineered to take the weight of heavier drainage aggregate. For areas such as grassed parking or stadium overflows, gravel driveways or any highly trafficked area, the 50mm panels’ superior crush strength can take the weight of trucks, cars and golf buggies while removing the need for compacted layers of drainage aggregate. This means far less construction time and materials when creating your ideal site. 

SureSoak Drainage Cells are lightweight but strong. At only 3.2kg/sqm compared to 250kg/sqm of gravel to achieve the same effective drainage, you’ll be able to create an eye-catching rooftop garden without worrying about overloading. The diamond design gives them an enhanced crush strength, so heavier items can be placed on top. The cellular void also acts as a temperature moderator. Due to extreme temperatures between winter and summer, waterproofing within concrete can crack over time. SureSoak Drainage Cells allow heat to escape, reducing the risk of cracking and therefore protecting your building. 

SureSoak Drainage Cells can also be used vertically against concrete panels and timber or concrete block retaining walls. This reduces the space required for excavating large areas of soil for drainage aggregate by up to 75%, making retaining walls much easier to install.  

Each drainage cell comes in a pack depending on how many sqm you need to cover. Please see below for specifications.

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Product Specs





SureSoak Drainage Cell 30mm (12sqm- 40 plates)

310h x 1200w x 1200d

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SureSoak Drainage Cell 30mm (105.6sqm- 352 plates)

2550h x 1200w x 1200d

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SureSoak Drainage Cell 50mm (12sqm- 40 plates)

510h x 1200w x 1200d

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SureSoak Drainage Cell 50mm (67.2 sqm- 224 plates)

2550h x 1200w x 1200d

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SureSoak 30mm Drainage Cell Data Sheet

December 2023

SureSoak 50mm Drainage Cell Data Sheet

December 2023

Frequently Asked Questions

  • SureSoak comes in thicknesses of 30mm and 50mm. 
  • Each panel is 0.6m x 0.5m
  • Each panel has integral clips for fast and easy installation 

SureSoak panels are made from environmentally friendly, selected recycled polypropylene 

  • If you’re using SureSoak for water retention on rooftops and podiums, cover the cells with SureTex geotextile. 
  • This will prevent soil from filling in the void, so you will always retain the volume of water retention. 
  • Otherwise, simply fill the panels with gravel or soil for grassed paving. 

There are two main horizontal ways to use SureSoak drainage panels. The 30mm panels are best suited for areas with weight restrictions, making them ideal for:

  • Podium/plaza drainage  
  • Rooftop garden drainage  
  • Planter box drainage  
  • Load strength >125t/m2 (HD) 
  • Load strength >105t/m2 (LD) 

The 50mm panels can be filled with soil or gravel, and are ideal for:

  • Grassed Overflow Stadium and Event Parking 
  • Gravel Car parks and Driveways 
  • Loading Dock Areas 
  • Golf Buggy Paths 
  • Infiltration Basin Reinforcement 
  • High use Pedestrian Areas 
  • Load strength >235t/m2 

They can also be used vertically against concrete or timber structures such as buildings or retaining walls. 


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