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SmartPave is a residential grade of permeable paving use to stablise decorative stones, pebbles or hoggin paths. Perfect for paved areas around your home, including pathways, driveways, patios, courtyards, and patios.

The flat, firm pavement is made suitable for pedestrians, bikes, and lightweight vehicles. The  innovative honeycomb cell design with geotextile base, ensures the panels stay buried and prevents stones from moving around.

Any permeable paving job can be solved affordably using SmartPave. By utilising our Paving Calculator, you can determine whether SmartPave is the best option for your project.


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Easy Install Video

Setting up SmartPave for pathways is a breeze: clear vegetation and topsoil to about 100mm depth. Apply a base layer of sand or crusher dust, compact thoroughly. Place edging on both path sides (we suggest PaveMaster). Lay the panels, ensuring geotextile overlap, and fill with 8-14mm decorative stones.

Product Specs





SmartPave Panel White

1144mm x 806mm

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SmartPave Panel Grey

1144mm x 806mm

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Permeable Paving Brochure

January 2024

SmartPave Installation Guide

October 2023

SmartPave Technical Specification Guide

September 2023

Frequently Asked Questions

SmartPave is suitable for light traffic use. Where there will be more than one vehicle using the area more than 2 or 3 times daily, or the area is being used as a turning space we would recommend a heavier grade of paving such as SurePave™.

42mm diameter.

The maximum grade we recommend SmartPave can be installed on is 20% (1 in 5) or 11 degrees, providing it is installed as per our standard installation guide.

SmartPave is made in New Zealand.

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