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SureTex Geotextile

About Product

Geotextile will help prevent your next paving project from failure by separating the clay layer from the sand or gravel layer. If geotextile is not used, the clay mixes with the sub-base aggregates causing the sub-base to lose strength and fail.

Nonwoven geotextiles are used primarily for drainage, filtration, separation, reinforcement and protection.

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SureTex Geotextile Pack

4m x 5m

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SureTex Geotextile Pack

4m x 10m

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SureTex Installation Guide

April 2023

Frequently Asked Questions

Geotextiles are mainly used for filtration, separation and reinforcement.

Needle punched is better for filtration and woven is better for reinforcement, however both will effectively separate soil layers.

Our geotextile is tested for UV resistance, and achieves greater than 80% retained after 500 hours of testing.

In reality this means the product is UV stable for the duration of exposure and working times, but it is not designed to be exposed for years.

No. The grey and black fabrics have a pigment added, usually to hide imperfections in the raw material due to recycled material being used.

We do not recommend using weedmat in place of geotextile. Weedmat will provide separation between two materials to some extent, however as it is typically a light grade, sharp stones used for base course and retaining walls will tend to rip this and render it useless.


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