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DuraGrid X Geogrid

About Product

If you’re about to lay a new pavement, reinforce raft foundations or are just creating a working platform on soft soil, DuraGrid X Geogrid is ideal for reinforcing your base course and stabilising your subgrade layers. Aggregates can compress well, but often have little tension strength, meaning they can easily shift from side to side. This becomes apparent when pavements or foundations are subjected to high impacts loads like heavy traffic or even earthquakes.

DuraGrid X is a biaxial geogrid, which means it has high tensile strength in both directions. A typical solution of laying DuraGrid X Geogrid between the subgrade and aggregate layers will effectively lock the aggregate in place, preventing any lateral movement under duress.

DuraGrid X Geogrid comes in two strengths. 30/30 and 40/40. Check with your engineer as to which product your site requires, and if you’re working on soft or saturated soil, remember to place a geotextile such as SureTex directly beneath the DuraGrid X. This will stop the aggregate from sinking into the soft, saturated soil, preventing potholes and dips on the surface.

DuraGrid X comes in 50m rolls of 5.95m wide (30/30) and 3.95m wide (40/40), so it’s easy to lay out and cut. Just overlay about 0.5m if you’re joining ends or edges. This simple step will reduce pavement layer thickness and cost of extra aggregate, as well as increase the weight bearing capacity and life of your pavement.

DuraGrid X Geogrid can also be used as an anti-slip grid for steep steps, boardwalks or any smooth walking surface that can become slippery due to too much shade or damp conditions. Just cut to size, lay it out and attach with heavy duty staples.

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DuraGrid X Geogrid 30/30

5.95m x 50m (297.5m2)

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DuraGrid X Geogrid 40/40

3.95m x 50m (197.50m2)

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DuraGrid X Data Sheet

August 2023

Frequently Asked Questions

DuraGrid X is applicable for geogrid installation in base reinforcement applications, which includes:

  • Sealed and unsealed roads
  • Parking areas
  • Stabilisation for yards, and multidirectional traffic areas
  • Reinforcement over soft ground
  • Raft foundations
  • DuraGrid X is typically laid directly on the subgrade – the soil/clay layer.
  • The aggregate layers are placed and compacted on top.
  • In some applications, more than one layer of DuraGrid X and aggregate can be placed.
  • We recommend placing a layer of non-woven geotextile such as SureTex over any areas of soil that are prone to saturation.
  • This acts as a barrier, separating the soft soil and the hard aggregate layers.
  • Without the geotextile, aggregate may sink into the soft soil, creating ruts or dips on the surface.
  • While DuraGrid X will prevent that from happening to some degree, it’s best to prevent it from happening all together.

DuraGrid X comes in two strengths and sizes.

  • DuraGrid X 30/30 is supplied as a 5.95m wide x 50m long roll
  • DuraGrid X 40/40 is supplied as a 3.95m wide x 50m long roll

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